Leadership Development

One of the key methods for responding to the new and on-going challenges facing organizations today is to make leadership the responsibility of everyone in the organization. In Dana's Leadership Development Training, participants become aware of key leadership strategies common to leadership roles regardless of the individual's specific assignment or position in the organization. All sessions are highly interactive,
fast-paced and practical. Training is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.
Examples of topics included in the training are:

  • Attitude
  • Leadership Principles
  • Your Role as a Leader
  • Emotional Excellence
  • Trust.....the Core of all Relationships
  • Embracing and Initiating Change
  • Communicating Openly and Directly
  • Personal Productivity
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • Getting the Right People on the Bus and in the Right Seats
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • De-Stressing in a Stress-filled World
  • Empowering Others for Success
  • Winning Through Rewards and Recognition
  • Giving Feedback for Improvement
  • Recognizing and Resolving Conflict
  • Generational Diversity: Merging the Gap


Generational Diversity Training

Is there really a generation gap? What's in it for you to recognize the differences? How do the generations differ in their approach to work? What can VPs/Directors/ Managers/Supervisors do to smooth out the differences?

The Dana Bickford Generational Diversity: Merging the Gap workshop introduces the four generations and events that helped shape their characteristics and work patterns. This workshop enables people at all levels in your organization to find perspective and provides solutions and practical tools to break down barriers and work more effectively with members of all generations.


Team Building

Coaching and Maximizing Performance

By applying coaching skills in the workplace, employees can provide an atmosphere for inner motivation, guide and support one another in working toward - and achieving - top performance.

Creating High Performance Teams

Organizations today require a workplace where everyone is willing and able to work together in new and cooperative ways. In this workshop participants become aware of the stages of development a team goes through to become a high performance team. They will walk away with the skills needed to work with their team members to successfully move through these stages as they build cooperative relationships.


Personal Performance Coaching

 What the Press is Saying about Coaching

Time Magazine ..."Coaching is an action-oriented partnership that, unlike psychotherapy, which delves into patterns of the past, concentrates on where you are today and how to reach your goals."

Newsweek Magazine "Part consultant, part motivational speaker...coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals."

Coaching clients are lead through a series of reflective and results-oriented actions including:
  • Clarifying Core Values 
  • Developing an Individualized Mission
  • Identifying Personal Strengths
  • Dispelling Defeating Beliefs
  • Evaluating Opportunities and Resources
  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Objectives
  • Capturing a Compelling Vision for their Future

Strategic Planning

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. That's why a strategic plan is a virtual necessity. The preparation of a strategic plan is a multi-step process covering vision, mission, objectives, core values, guiding principles, strategies, goals and programs. Dana’s strategic planning sessions will provide a sense of realism and build a strong team that can successfully carry out the plans they have laid before them. 

Keynote, General Session and Break-Out Presentations

Partial list of topics:

  • You Are the Only Person that will Never Ever Leave You..So, Be the Best You You Can Be!
  • Attitude Determines Altitude
  • Life is What Happens While You’re Waiting on the Bus
  • Life Skills for Productive Relationships



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